Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, Aug. 5

Wednesday, Aug. 5

HA!  Fooled you all!  I actually got up at 7:45 am today.  They had a nice breakfast set up of fresh fruit salad, muffins, pastries, little boxes of cereal, orange juice, and of course, coffee.  From 9:00 to about 11:30 there was a "women's only" seminar on the Roadtrek, inside and outside.  I learned a few new things but it was geared to the newer treks and most of it was irrelevant for me.  When it was over and everyone else headed out for their day's activities, I set up my awning and sat in my lounge chair under it, with Maggie and Juliet playing (actually, sleeping) nearby, and waited for the mobile RV repair guy to come and fix my sewer system which has been leaking.  He came around 1:45 and after putting the Roadtrek up on jacks,  he crawled under and determined that indeed the gate valve to my black water tank was leaking.  Two hours later, he had replaced the valve (showing me the tear in the gasket of the valve), flushed the tank out, and was on his way.  I was $329 poorer but glad to be able to use my toilet again.  I hope that is the only RT problem I have this trip.
One of the RT Solos has a sister who is into carding and spinning wool to make yarn and she had made arrangements with an Amish woman to bring some raw wool over to the campground.  She bought three large balls of the wool (which had been cleaned and carded and dyed already) which some of us are holding in the picture of the Solos taken today. 

Tonight we had dinner at an Amish family's house (the Weavers).  It was only a few miles from the campground; I drove and Ginger Aitkin rode with me (picture is of me and Ginger).  The dinner was delicious with everything homemade:  salad, bread with butter, strawberry jam, or Amish peanut butter, mashed potatoes, noodles with beef to put on top (beef stroganoff?),
fried chicken, green beans, raspberry lemonade or mint iced tea, and three types of pie for dessert (chocolate cream, lemon merangue, and apple pie).  Afterwards we talked with the owners and their kids (who served, along with some neighbor girls) and looked at a buggy the father had just refurbished.  
On the way back to the campground I was able to get a nice picture of an Amish father walking along the road, pulling his youngest child in a wagon.  Notice that the kids are barefoot which we see quite often.  We had another campfire tonight and this time I was able to coax Maggie into joining Juliet and me.

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  1. its been fun reading about your adventures, keep keep the writing up, see you when you get back
    love dana