Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23

Sunday, August 23

After breakfast/lunch today, Uncle Sam, Maggie, Juliet and I took a long walk around their property. The first picture is the house from down by the lake. The next is Uncle Sam at their boat dock on the lake (The lake, incidently, is called Walton Lake). And the third picture is the old gazebo (150 years old, he thinks).

In the late afternoon, just when it had started raining again, Julie (Sam & Kit's daughter), Arnie (her husband), Vanessa and Cassie (Julie & Arnie's daughters), and Cassie's boyfriend Jordan, arrived. We sat and talked until the rain stopped, then headed for the lake. Jordan took off in the kayak for a trip around the perimeter of the lake. Arnie, Cassie, Vanessa, and I left in the row boat, with Cassie effortlessly rowing us across the lake. There is a picture of some of the trees on the other side. The sun had come out by then and Arnie and Cassie, being hot, decided to swim back across the lake. Vanessa politely stayed behind with me, in case I needed help rowing the boat back across.

Julie had prepared a delicious spaghetti dinner and brought it along (including salad, broccoli, and yummy carrot cake). I cannot predict how this text is going to align with the photos, but the first table picture is (L to R), Jordan, Kit, Julie. The second is Sam, Arnie, Cassie, Jordan. The third one is Kit, Sue, Vanessa, Sam. And the last is Sam, Sue, Arnie, Cassie, and Jordan. Missing from all the pictures (because he lives in Virginia), is Dustin, Julie & Arnie's son (and Vanessa's twin). They are a wonderful, bright, athletic family and it was great seeing (most of) them again.

It was a fun day.

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