Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wednesday, Aug. 19 - Part 3a

Wednesday, Aug. 19 - Part 3

After Cave of the Winds, I got back on the trolley and next got off at Terrapin Point, a nice viewpoint from which you can see Horseshoe Falls and also have a good view of the rapids above it. (The picture with the flowers in the foreground was taken at Terrapin Point I'm sure, and I think the rapids one was too; the others I'm not sure of where they were taken.)

One thing that struck me as very odd all along the American side was how easy it would be for someone to fall into the river and be swept right over the falls. In some places you are no more than 20 or 30 feet from the river's edge with only an open set of metal bars to keep you out. And I only saw ONE sign saying to keep out (or, more accurately, to "not climb over the bars"). It scared me almost to death to see one woman push her umbrella stroller up to this railing and admire the view and take pictures while her toddler tried to get out of the stroller --- the lowest bar was above his head! I hoped he was belted in but couldn't really see and even if he was, what if he had gotten it open? There was only a few feet of grass separating him from falling into the raging river and going right over the falls a few feet downstream!

Aside from my perceived lack of protection to keep visitors from falling in, the falls were indeed quite beautiful to watch and experience and I am very glad I toured both sides. The Canadian side has more hotels, entertainment areas, and night life, it seemed, but the grandure and natural beauty was maybe a little better on the American side. Both definitely worth seeing if you get a chance.

It was 7:00 pm by the time I got back to the Roadtrek and the dogs. When I get back and see them watching out the window for me, I never know if they've been there the whole time (in this case 5 hours) or if they slept and got up when they heard me approaching. I hope it is the latter scenario.

I went back to the same campground I was at last night (Niagra's Lazy Lakes) and got a good night's sleep.

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