Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday-Monday, Aug. 10 & 11

It is Thursday now and I am in Fergus, Ontario, Canada, with very little access to internet to post so you may not hear from me for a few days.

Monday, Aug. 10

I filled my water tank before leaving today and then went to a nearby WalMart to get some things. They had a good price ($9) for the clip-on 12V fans I have become dependent on (and that keep breaking). I got 2 and when setting them up in the Roadtrek, I read the directions which indicated that there is a fuse in the part that plugs into the

cigarette lighter. To bad I hadn’t checked that before tossing the two dead fans this morning. It was a 3-hour drive through Detroit

and up to St. Claire where I had located a Thousand Trails campground I could stay at. I did make an hour-long lunch/nap stop at a very nice “Welcome to Michigan” rest stop that had a wonderful playground for kids (was it my imagination, or was everything in it made by Rubbermaid?)

Right after I pulled into my spot at the St. Claire Preserve, another Roadtrek pulled in next to me. I was sure they must be on their way to the Fergus Rally, but no, they were not members of Roadtrek International and knew nothing about the rally. They were from British Columbia and just pulled into the campground to dump their holding tanks before continuing on their way to Detroit. We talked

for a while; I told them about FMCA and Roadtrek International and they told me some things about Canada and crossing the border.

I don’t have an very interesting pictures for today so I will show you the campgrounds I was in last night and tonight. And my cute puppies, one in their usual position next to the front seat while I’m driving and one in their nighttime sleeping position under the table (that is, when they’re not on top of me J).

Tuesday, Aug. 11

This morning I dumped my holding tanks before leaving the campground---much easier and neater to do when all the liquid hasn’t leaked out of the black tank! I took the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron over the St. Claire River into Canada and didn’t have to do anything more than show my passport and answer a few questions. I’ve been told that the return back into the US is more troublesome. It was a 3-hour drive to Fergus where I was planning to spend the night at a campground fairly near where the rally will be tomorrow. Again, I got sleepy after driving 2 hours and stopped for lunch and a nap. It rained while I was napping, apparently, because everything was wet when I woke up. When I got to the Highland Pines campground (after stopping at a Macdonalds in Fergus to get directions), I pulled into a spot next to two other Roadtreks. This time

they WERE going to the rally across town tomorrow. One was a new (to Roadtrek International) couple from British Columbia who were going to their first Rally, and the other was Marion & Andrew Tillman from Murietta, CA. I talked with both couples for a bit, then leveled and got connected to electricity and took the dogs for a walk. We have a forest on one side and a big green field on the other. Too bad I can’t run with the dogs through

the field! I’m going to have to take the computer up to the

Lodge to get WiFi and try to post this. My AT&T AirCard won’t work in Canada (can’t phone home either without paying 79 cents a minute). This picture is the campground I’m at tonight. And one of a weird growth or infestation of something on a maple (?) leaf; anyone have any idea what it is?

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