Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wed., Aug. 19 - Part 1to

Wednesday, Aug. 19 - Part 1

[Sorry to have to do one day in multiple parts, but this day is going to be heavy on pictures and I'm still experimenting with the size to make them so that when you click on them (which I hope you're doing on at least some of them), they turn into a full-page size picture, but not so big that you have to scroll to see the whole thing. The first thing I just discovered that if I leave them at the very high resolution that I photograph them at, they take impossibly long to upload to the blog site.]
Today I drove the Roadtrek back to the American side of Niagra Falls and left it with the dogs (and the fans on) at a parking lot at one end of a loop of stops that a $2 (for all day) trolley goes around. I hopped on the trolley and got off at the visitors' center and Observation Tower point. The picture shows the Observation Tower at which you can walk out on that overhanging part and have a very good view of the American Falls. I'm pretty sure that is where I took the other two pictures from. Then, for $1, you can take an elevator down to the bottom of the falls (the elevator is in the vertical part of the observation tower). Also at the bottom is where you would board the "Maid of the Mist" boat which apparently leaves from the American as well as the Canadian side of the Falls. Since I'd already done it from the Canadian side 2 days ago, I didn't go again, but I did enjoy the view from the bottom of the American Falls which you will see in Part 2 of this post.

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