Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24

Monday, August 24

Today was a quiet day. I did some more laundry (Thank you, Aunt Selma ---clean sheets feel soooo good) and worked on the computer a bit after lunch. Then got sleepy and took a nap (and I wasn't even driving!).

Took a few more pictures of the Barash's watering plants and working around the house and a nice one of the lake from the bottom of the driveway.

Around 5:00 we left and went into town. We dropped Uncle Sam off at the Monroe Tennis Club and Aunt Selma took me to an optical shop where I was able to get the nosepiece on my glasses fixed (half of it had broken off). Then we went back to the tennis courts to watch Uncle Sam play. At first he played alone, then a woman came and he played against her for a bit, and when 2 more men came, they played doubles. And, I'm proud to say, Uncle Sam's team won! He's not half bad for a man of 88! And, most of all, he really enjoys it. It's a shame that Aunt Selma can't play any more since her knee replacement surgery last year, plus chronic back problems. Uncle Sam says she was really something to behold!

After he worked up a good appetite, Uncle Sam took us to dinner at the Monroe Diner. Here (somewhere) is a nice picture of the two of them outside the diner. Service was slow, but dinner was good and plentiful enough that we all took home enough left-overs for another meal.

You may be wondering how the cat and dogs are getting along after a few days to get to know each other. I probably won't be able to get these captions lined up properly, but the first picture shows where Millie now likes to hang out. Yes, that is the dogs' bed. So when Juliet saw that, she decided, okay, she'll just sleep on the cat's chair.

Maggie, who really doesn't like going up stairs, can usually be found upstairs hiding under Aunt Selma and Uncle Sam's bed. That's if I make her come in the house; she'd rather spend the day in the Roadtrek. Poor, unsocial Maggie.

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