Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday, Aug. 8

Saturday, Aug. 8

I slept in today (till 1:00) to try to catch up on some sleep. After almost a week at Evergreen RV Park, it was time to leave and continue on my trip. I had one more stop to make in the area and that was at the "Everything Rubbermaid" building in Wooster, about 20 miles away. This is a 4-story building and, as the name implies,
everything in it is made by Rubbermaid. Apparently there used to be a Rubbermaid factory here but it closed many years ago, leaving just the big distribution point. Not only did they have every conceivable size and shape of container (many at very discounted prices), but also a large

assortment of beds, indoor and outdoor playsets, and other things I didn't even know they made. I bought a few small unique things. It was starting to rain when I left the store, but not very hard. Back in the Roadtrek, I had some lunch, rested a little, walked the dogs, and then left the Amish area of Ohio. I will miss seeing the buggy crossing signs and the Amish children walking barefoot along the road.
It was about a 2-hr drive to Sandusky where I had located a nice KOA campground along the shores of Lake Erie called Sandusky Bayfront Estates and Campground. It is a HUGE campground, over a mile in diameter I would guess, with WiFi for free and cable TV if you want to pay extra for it (I didn't). I am just happy to have cell phone service, WiFi, and electricity. After arriving I took the dogs on a loooong walk to the other side of the campground where you could see Lake Erie (or at least a little bay of it).

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