Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, Aug. 16 - Part 1

Sunday, Aug. 16 - Part 1

I'm going to post this in two parts to see if I can get the alignment of photos and text any better and also to see if I can correct the problem of the photos still not getting bigger when you click on them (which they still seem not to do).

I was, of course, the last one to leave the Fergus Rally site. It seems that no one else in Roadtrek International likes to sleep late.

I went to the nearby town of Elora to visit the Elora Gorge which was supposed to be a beautiful place to hike. Neither the dogs nor I were too sure about this when we looked down the 100 or so steep stone steps
we had to go down to get there.
These were followed by a sometimes rather steep hiking trail and lastly, a scramble over rocks and dirt to get down to the river itself.

The river (Grand River, I think) was only about 6 inches deep and, with a little encouragement (okay, so I dragged them), the girls were willing to wade across. It only came chest high on them (they didn't have to swim) and it was very refreshing to feel the cool, fresh water on our hot, tired feet. We sat on the opposite shore for a while and took in the view and ambiance. Actually, I didn't think the Gorge was all that beautiful, but it was fun to hike with the dogs and play in the water. After the hike back up out of the gorge, we sat on the grass in a lovely green, shaded park (Victoria Park) and rested a bit and then left for Niagra Falls.

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