Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday, Aug. 4

Tuesday, Aug. 4

I did a little better getting up today.  I set my alarm for 11:00 and was actually out of bed by noon!  After breakfast I did a semi-clean up inside the RT and drove over to the dump to empty my holding tanks.  The contents of the "black" tank (at least those that hadn't leaked out at the site) were all in the sewer hose and came out when I undid the clamp holding the hose in place.  I'm glad I was at the dump site rather than in the campsite!  I am pretty sure that my problem is that the gate valve which is supposed to keep the sewage in the holding tank until you are ready to dump isn't working.  I was getting suspicious that the smell I kept smelling around the RT when I was in one spot for more than one night, might be sewage leaking out; that coupled with the liquid dripping out underneath that I kept telling myself was condensation from the air conditioner (I could tell myself that until I realized that I didn't have the air conditioner ON!).  So, mega-apologies to Joel and Carolyn --- I suggest you hose down your driveway if you haven't already.  I feel a little like Juliet who goes around leaving her scent everywhere.  After several tries, I found a mobile RV repair place in Cleveland who is going to come out tomorrow and hopefully can fix it.  I will have to use the public restrooms until then; fortunately they are very nice here and I am parked right across from them.
The Rally started with a pot-luck dinner at 5:30 this evening.  I made up some chicken chow mein, rice, and noodles and took it over.  There are about 40 Roadtreks and I guess about 75 people; 5 of us are Solos (although one solo brought her mother).  There was much good food to be eaten and for entertainment a man brought the calliope he had built plus a number of old (like 1800-old) music boxes he had restored.  He told us about them and played many (very loud) songs on the calliope.  An Amish woman, who does all the gardening and landscaping at the Resort, also spoke and answered any questions we had about Amish life.  The photo shows the 5 of us Solos at the end of one table.  Later I took Juliet and we sat around the campfire until 10:00.  Maggie has been acting somewhat strangely and doesn't want to come out of the Roadtrek unless I force her to.  She seems to "feel" okay; just prefers to stay inside.  I wonder if she is afraid I will drive off and leave her behind?  Never, Maggie, never!

Anyone want to lay odds on the chances of my actually getting up at 8:00 am tomorrow?

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