Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, Aug. 26

Wednesday, August 26

Only one picture today. I don't know what kind of thistle/flower it is, but we saw it on our walk today; I thought it was kind of interesting.

We took it fairly easy today. Aunt Selma and Uncle Sam invited some good friends who live across the lake over for dinner (angel hair spaghetti with some of Julie's left-over sauce from the other night.) These friends are both retired physicians, he a pulmonologist/geriatrician and she was one of the first female endocrinologists to treat male infertility. They were very interesting and we all had a good time at dinner.

It had been raining while we were eating dinner and we were suprised to see the ground all wet when they left after dinner. I worked on the computer a little while but we all called it an early night.

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