Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday, Aug. 14

I went to a tech roundtable discussion at 9:30 this morning. This is where we all sit around and ask a panel of experts (from Roadtrek, Onan generators, Dometic Refrigerators, etc) questions about our rigs. I ducked out for an hour in the middle to get on the internet and post the last 2 posts. When the discussion section was over, I followed the Roadtrek repair guy who was there to fix small problems until he was able to come to my unit. I have had a small leak in the city water connection to my fresh water tank ever since the repair guy who fixed my sewer system used it to fill the tank to flush out the system (I don't use this connection to fill my tanks). It wasn't a very big leak, but it was in the outside storage compartment where I store my chairs, electrical connections, and other stuff, and every morning I had to mop out a few cups of water. It turned out to be a decayed washer in the connection
valve which was easy for him to replace. I was really happy to get this fixed (and for free!) and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day :).

The solos got together for a picnic lunch under the trees (some people got to park in the shade of big trees; I was out in the hot, sunny field with most of the others) and each told a little about themselves. In the afternoon there was a skit put on by 2 guys who acted out a bit of the history of Fergus (where we were) and the next little town over, Elora. They also sang, played a banjo, and recited some poetry.

At dinner tonight we were entertained by a 13-piece Scottish Bagpipe and Drum band, plus 4 dancing girls. Fergus, if you hadn't guessed by the name, is a

predominantly Scottish town. Also, last week it hosted the Scottish
Highland Games which were held in the field where we were camped. This group was pretty good I'm told (personally, I can't tell a "good" bagpipe sound from a "bad" bagpipe sound, but
others could). One of the pipers was an 8-year-old boy; the rest were adults. The girls who danced were fun to watch too.

Following that, we had a BIG campfire with an accordion player and a flutist
(Roadtrekkers). The night was warm and balmy, which was good, because we were sitting quite a ways away from the fire. I insisted that Maggie and Juliet both come to the campfire, but I couldn't carry their chair as well as my own so they both wanted to sit on my lap. This picture
shows how they worked that out: Juliet laid entirely on top of Maggie (who didn't seem to mind).

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