Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, Aug. 2

Sunday, Aug. 2
I decided I might as well tour Loudenville which was only a mile or two away.  I went and parked by the public library, hoping that the WiFi they supposedly had there would work on Sundays when the library was closed.  It didn't.  I explored the 2-block long town.  About 50% of the businesses were "out of business" and of the others, most were closed on Sunday.  An ad posted in the window of a real estate office suggests that houses are a good buy here, however.  I found one hardware store, one curio shop and one furniture store open. Amish oak furniture is one of the biggest industries around here (cheese being the other).  I was able to get a sample of this Amish oak for less than $5 in a pair of wall-hung candle holders---didn't really need them; they were the only things in the store for less than $100 and I thought would make a good souvenir.  Someone suggested trying the Macdonald's at the end of the town for WiFi and/or cell service.  I did, but couldn't get cell service there either and their WiFi was "broken."  I went on to the next town, and the next, looking for cell service to no avail.  I'd decided that the Amish really don't want contact with the rest of the world.  I gave up and decided to go to the Evergreen RV Park in Mt. Eaton which is where the Roadtrek Rally is supposed to be starting on Tuesday.  Good move---not only do they have cell phone service AND WiFi, but also cable TV (although it turns out that you need a converter box to see anything on an analog TV which is what I have in the Roadtrek.  Someone told me they will lend you one for free in the office; will check that out tomorrow).  There are 2 couples here already for the rally.  One of them was towing a little "Smart car."  It seemed to be just the right size to tow behind a Roadtrek.  It's a very nice campground and I finally feel connected with the world again.  I'll probably go sight-seeing tomorrow; it should be better on a Monday than it was today!

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  1. Maybe you could start towing around a little cell tower behind your Trek... then you could have really good coverage everywhere you go!