Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thursday, Aug. 20

Thursday, Aug. 20

No pictures today. It was a travel day. I emptied my waste tanks (and you really don't want a picture of that!) before leaving the campground and headed east on I-90 to Syracuse, NY, then turned south on I-81. Somewhere along the way I stopped and took a 2-hour lunch/nap break. I wanted to get to Binghamton, NY, but I didn't have any specific campgrounds in mind and decided to stop about 30 miles before it in a town called Marathon because I saw a campground sign there. I decided to fill up the propane tank which was reading 1/4 full after 5 weeks of use (only for the refrigerator when driving or away from electricity. Since a full tank is really only 3/4 on the tank gauge (you never fill an RV propane tank to more than 80% full, that means I had used at most a half a tank in 5 weeks. So this fill-up should last me until I get home.

The most exciting part of the day was my shower at night (50 cents for 5 minutes of hot water). The lights in the bathroom were on a motion-activated timer and went out in the middle of the shower. Fortunately I had a flashlight with me because I have had this happen to me before and swore I would never go into a shower room at night without a flashlight...just in case. It really paid off this time.

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