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Wednesday, Aug. 19 - Part 2

Wednesday, Aug. 19 - Part 2

If I've uploaded these 10 pictures in the correct order, they should start with the view from the bottom of the American Falls, near where the elevator from the Observation Tower lets you out. But now I see I got one picture in the top 4 here (it has me in the foreground) that was obviously taken at the top, before going to the Observation Tower; sorry. I think I have chosen 2 photos to include here that WERE taken at the bottom of the American Falls.

After spending a little time down there, I took the elevator back up and walked over to the Visitor Center, had some ice cream, and then watched a 40 minute IMAX movie on legends, myths, and daredevils associated with Niagra Falls. (Did you know that the first person to successfully and intentionally go over the Falls in a barrel and live to tell about it was a 63-year-old woman named Annie Taylor? I think that was in 1901 or thereabouts.)

After the movie I got back on the trolley and my next stop was on Goat Island, the Island in the middle of the Niagra River which separates Bridal Veil Falls (a much smaller waterfall on the American side that is just to the right of the American Falls in some of the pictures) from Horseshoe Falls, 99% of which lies on the Canadian side of the border. Here is another popular attraction called Cave of the Winds. They issue you some more of the very fashionable plastic rain ponchos and this time everyone also gets a personal pair of waterproof sandals which you get to keep afterwards. The point is made that you get VERY wet on this tour. Then you take an elevator down to the base of Bridal Vail Falls where you are allowed to walk out as far as you want on a series of steps and platforms that go out over the water flowing over the rocks at the base of the falls. I guess there is a cave somewhere back there (thus the name Cave of the Winds) but I don't recall actually seeing it even though I went all the way to the end. At the last part the blowing mist is so strong it's like standing under a hose and you can't really see anything (if you can open your eyes, which I couldn't). There is a before and after picture of me down here. I did wear the poncho here but I didn't put the hood up because again it was so hot out that I thought a little mist on the head would feel good (and it did!). However, Note to self: if not wearing the hood of a poncho in a rain shower, at least tie the chin tie closed ---I got totally drenched through this opening. I did not even try to take photos or movies at the very last part and am actually surprised that both cameras survived this trip and still work!

The day's adventures are continued in Part 3 of this post.

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