Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday - Wednesday, Sept. 15-16

Leaving Laramie on Tuesday, I drove through intermitant rain showers all day. This is what I would call "a low cloud ceiling" picture.

This beautiful partial rainbow guided me today. I was trying to get to the pot of gold (easy to find with my metal detector, I figured) at the end.

And this is the same picture as above --- without hitting the "enhance" button on the computer. Now, I ask you, is that cheating?

This was taken at the campground I spent Tuesday night at in Rock Springs, Wyoming. You can see a little bit of a rainbow if you look closely.

Travel on Wednesday, from Rock Springs, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City, Utah, had fewer clouds (and rain) and more rocky landscapes.

Interesting rocks kept popping up...
Quick --- grab the camera!

Another of the beautiful rock formations along the highway (Interstate 80). You can really see the striations in these, indicating, of course, the different layers of sediment layed down over time.

This was my lunch/rest stop today (Wed.). It was about an hour before I got to Salt Lake City.

I checked into the KOA in Salt Lake City where we will be having the Genealogy Rally next week. The two couples leading this rally are already here. We went out to dinner together at a little Mexican restaurant next to the KOA.

I am here 5 days early because I want to see some friends that live in the area and Rosh Hashana starts Friday night and I don't want to be traveling during the High Holidays. I've made arrangements to go to services at a local synagogue (yes, they have a Jewish population in Salt Lake City!)

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  1. beautiful pictures mom! looks like you are having a blast. Shana Tova!