Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday, August 30

[I'm going to try a different size photo this time and see if I can get the text to line up better with the pictures. Hopefully you will still be able to click or double-click on the photos to make them larger if you want to.]

This is Maggie cleaning Juliet's face, a daily ritual (actually, about a five-times-a-day ritual. Aren't they cute?

This is Uncle Sam taking the garbage out. He has to go down the stairs to get to the garage where the garbage cans are. They have put power chair lifts on the two sets of stairs in their house --- very clever, these industrious seniors!

And this is Uncle Sam checking out my blog on his computer.
[Did you know that my Uncle Sam Barash has written 7 -- (or is it 11?) --- books? ]

My aunt and uncle invited their very good friends, Minerva and Harvey Horn over for lunch today. A most interesting and well-traveled couple.

Aunt Selma made a most ingenious dessert: whole wheat matzoh with peanut butter (a special one made with marshmellow cream that I'd brought from the Amish country) and blueberries on top. Quite good --- and the blueberries stuck in the peanut butter and didn't roll off. Do you think she planned it that way?

And then it was time to say good-bye to my wonderful aunt and uncle and Walton Lake and be on my way. It wasn't a final good-bye, though, because I would be seeing them in 2 days to help celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.

As I left their place, I drove through nearby Kiryas Joel, a Chasidic (= very religious) Jewish village. This photo is a little hazy because I took it through the car window, but I think it shows an interesting, almost posed-looking village scene, as everyone goes about their daily business in front of the meat market.

I took the scenic route from Monroe, NY, to Hillsdale, NJ, where their daughter (my cousin Julie) lives --- via Providence, Rhode Island. I wanted to visit my old friend from UCLA days, Michael Bharier. This picture is Mike, his wife Vicky, their daughter Esty, and their pomeranian/poodle Sushi. We had a wonderful dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and then went back to their house for dessert. After getting his Ph.D. in microbiology at UCLA, Mike went on to get an MD degree and now has a dermatology practice in Providence. Fortuitously for me, an orthopedist friend of his dropped by in the evening and while there, he took a look at my finger. He (and Mike also) agreed that it was probably broken but unless there was some tendon damage, not much more than splinting and icing it could be done and I was already doing that. Mike is an accomplished pianist and composer and Vicky is a singer. Esty is learning to play the trombone. A very musically-talented family! It was very nice to see them again. I spent the night in their driveway.

I had one more picture, I thought, of Maggie and Sushi together but I see it didn't get uploaded to the blog for some reason.

[These last 3 pictures were actually added the day AFTER this post was originally posted. Two of them disappeared off the blog after the original post and the third never got posted in the first place. Of course, they are in in the reverse order I wanted them. Grrrr....]

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