Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wed., Sept. 2

This was another "catch-up" day. Julie and Arnie had gotten tickets to the US Open Tennis Tournament for today for their daughters and themselves (a yearly annual treat, I understand) --- they are all very much into tennis. I am not, so I slept late (something I AM into, whenever possible!), and then took the Roadtrek in for an oil change After that I found a place to get the grey removed from my hair (don't know where it came from; just sort of started creeping down from the roots). Next was a grocery shopping trip and then back to their house where I filled my water tank and did a load of laundry. Now I'm all ready to start my trip back West tomorrow.

When they returned from the tennis games, Julie and Arnie grilled steaks and we had a nice dinner, with Cassie too.

Putting the laundry away in the camper later that night, I saw water dripping onto the floor. It turned out to be a punctured 1-gal plastic water bottle in the under-bed storage compartment. I had to take everything out of the compartment and set a fan up there to dry it out overnight. Of course, the water on the floor leaked under my nifty foam floor tiles so I had to pull them up, dry the floor, and set the tiles up to dry too. Since I was on a little nose-down angle, I wound up pulling up ALL the tiles, as the water went underneath them all and pooled in the front. The last three towards the front were hard to get up; they were sort of "glued" to the floor and the baseboards. The "glue" turned out to be dried and congealed red cabbage juice that I had missed getting up from an earlier mishap on the trip (see post of July 21)! Those tiles need to wait until tomorrow when I can wash them properly outside. Cleaning up the floor took up my whole evening blogging time. (sad face).

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