Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, Sept. 4

I awoke to find my refrigerator temperature at 58 degrees. I saw that the flame had gone out (it was on propane since I had no electricity last night) and I tried, unsuccessfully to re-light it. No luck. This, plus the fact that my main light in the RT (a circular fluorescent bulb) wasn't working, made me decide that a trip to a good RV supply/repair place was in order. I found on the internet that there was a Camping World in Harrisburg, PA, only about 100 miles out of my way. I got there around 4:00 pm (they closed at 5:00), only to be told that they didn't have the light bulb I needed but could order it. They also said I could get it at any Home Depot. They did check out the refrigerator, which I HAD managed to re-light during the day, but still wasn't dropping the temperature any. He could tell by the uneven heating in the back of it that something was wrong. It would take 12 hours to do a complete test which I didn't have time for, so I settled on a "blowing out" and cleaning of whatever it is that they can clean and blow out. I had admitted that I had been parked somewhat unlevel for two weeks which I know is not good for the refrigerator but that it had been working fine on electric during that time. After the cleaning it was much easier to light (which I had been having progressively more problems with each time I switched to propane). I said a little prayer that it would be all better now and headed for the nearby Home Depot to get the light bulb. They didn't have the right size (8" diameter). Didn't think any other Home Depots would either.

It took me until 10:30 pm to get back to the road I wanted to be on (I-80) and find a campground in Knox, Pennsylvania. I think this was my longest driving day so far --- 360 miles.

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