Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, Sept. 18

The KOA Campground I am staying at happened to be right next door to the Utah State Fairpark. This was the last weekend of the Fair and, as I had a mostly free day, I decided to walk over there and see what it was all about. It was about a mile walk to the gate even though it was next door, but not too bad.

I am still fascinated by the colors and forms the clouds take out here. Some musician was playing "Ghost Riders in the Night" as this ghost rider cloud rose across the valley.

Okay, I know, I'm not supposed to be looking at clouds today...

This is a sugar glider, a small, cute marsupial they were selling (along with cages, food, toys, and supplies for them). Apparently they had just become legal to sell in Utah. No, Kelly, they are not legal to own in California.

and I have no idea why this paragraph is printing in blue!

There was a nice, but small, flower display.

There were pigs....

....and lambs (or sheep?)

... and dancing cows. However, these were made from 1200 pounds of sweet cream butter.

The beautiful cumulus clouds from earlier in the day had gradually turned to dark, menacing clouds by the time I was ready to leave. On the mile walk back to the campground, it was quite windy and started to rain but it never got too bad and didn't last very long.

I'm not sure how I managed to find so many things to buy, but I did. Now, where am I going to put it all????

After getting back to the KOA, I hastily changed clothes, had my own private Erev Rosh Hashana dinner of apples and honey (for a "sweet New Year), and drove over to Congregation Kol Ami, a conservative Jewish synagogue at which I had made arrangements to attend High Holiday services.

The evening service was led by Rabbi Rosen, a past rabbi at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, CA, whom Carol Neumark had told me about. In addition to her, there was also a Cantor, a choir, an organist, and a violinist. I enjoyed the service a lot. Most of the melodies they used were the same as at my home synagogue which made me feel even more "at home."

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