Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) - Part 2

[continued from Part 1 below]

This is one of the many statues throughout the House on the Rock. Most are bronze, but this one looks like it might be wood (I don't remember).

The stained glass windows, panels, and lights look much better in the pictures I took with the flash turned off on my camera --- just had to hold it very still for the long exposure time.

This "Summer" panel is from a set of the "Four Seasons," on display in the Piano Room. They "are thought to be the only exact replica of the set created by Tiffany."

I really liked this "Mushroom Lamp," as well as the table it was on. "This one-of-a-kind masterpiece, created by Bob Bauer and John Coble, stands 40" tall. Inspired by Tiffany."

Another of the bronze statues.

This is the view of the Wyoming Valley (yes, I know, we are in Wisconsin...) from the roof of the House.

Also a view of some of the covered walkways that connect the House and the other buildings that were added later to house Alex Jordan's many collections (tomorrow's tour!)

On to the container gardens. "The House on the Rock maintains one of the largest container gardens in the Midwest. There are well over 100,000 plants in all, including landscape plantings, flower beds and 3400 potted plants. About 275 varieties are represented, over half of which are virtually unknown elsewhere in the Midwest. Perennials on display are constantly rotated from nearby greenhouses so that the specimens you see are always in bloom throughout June, July and August."

A few of the pots had the names of the plants indicated, but most did not (unfortunately).

This looked like orange paper Japanese lanterns.

I think this was a "bleeding heart" something.

He was very fond of oversized strawberry pots (some up to 20 feet tall) and there are many elaborate ones like this in the gardens, around (and inside) the house, in the parking lot, and alongside the road leading up to the House.

Eggplant. My favorite.

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