Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) - Part 3

I didn't really intend to have a "Part 3" to today's post, but I forgot to put these pictures from the Wisconsin Riverside Resort campground in Spring Green where we stayed for several nights while visiting The House on the Rock. I took the girls (= my dogs) for a long walk along the banks of the Wisconsin River. It was just before sunset. They really wanted to go into the water (very unlike what they did at Elora Gorge --- see Aug. 16 post --- where I had to pull them into the water). They had fun, but it was a bad mistake on my part.

Wet dog plus sand and dirt plus long road back to Roadtrek equals BIG MESS. I don't have an outside shower like the newer Roadtreks do and I did not have water at this particular campsite. I let them inside, tied them to the counter so they wouldn't jump up on my bed, and washed the dirt off as best I could using a small container of water I swished all 8 paws in. That didn't help getting the dirt off their bellies, though. I tried splashing it up which only succeeded in getting my floor all wet (and that meant pulling up the foam tiles later and drying them and the floor underneath...) My formerly white babies are now a smelly light brown....and I will have to learn to sleep with the feel of sand in my sheets until I can do laundry. But they had fun. Honest.

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