Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 1 - Part 3

When we got back from our outing to the Great Falls of Paterson and my nostalgic visit to my hometown of Verona, we got ready for a special evening out. Today, Sept. 1, is Julie's parent's, my Aunt Selma (Kit) and Uncle Sam's, 63rd anniversary! I was so happy to be there and join them for this wonderful occasion! Here is a family picture of Julie, Arnie, Sam, and Kit, taken on the deck of their home in Monroe, overlooking Walton Lake, when we went and picked them up for dinner.

To celebrate the happy occasion, we went out to dinner at Tre Angelica, a small, lovely northern Italian style restaurant in Monroe. Here we raise our champagne glasses in a toast to a truly amazing couple. May you have many more years together!

Sam and Kit Barash on their 63rd wedding anniversary.

And, back at Sam & Kit's house, this is how the nostalgic evening ends - with Uncle Sam carrying Aunt Selma upstairs on his lap on the chair lift.

Since I have (FINALLY) mastered the fine art of uploading photos to my blog site and actually getting the text to insert next to the appropriate picture, I've decided to celebrate and see if I can upload a short video. This is how a romantic Romanian man, still madly in love with his wife, carries her upstairs to their bedroom to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of their wedding night. (Click the arrow and wait about a minute while it loads and hopefully it will play on your computer.)

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  1. Love and best wishes from the Ben Yishai family in Jerusalem and from my parents Dr Barney and Naomi Kaplan