Monday, September 14, 2009

Sat., Sun, Mon., Sept. 12-14

Drove all day Saturday through the rain but made it safely to the Chastains in Colorado Springs by 6:00 pm. It was great to see Betty again. We talked, ordered out for pizza for dinner, and enjoyed watching the animals all check each other out.
This is Betty and David Chastain, with Mollie (larger dog) and Maggie (smaller dog). (Their two cats are missing from the picture). Betty is a friend from the past at Scripps (she was an Administrative Assistant). We were at Scripps together for about 20 years (many memorable back-packing trips together!) until she and her husband David moved to Colorado Springs 10 or 15 years ago. Two years ago when I passed through Colorado Springs, I spent a couple days with them. That time Wayne Halsey, another friend of ours from Scripps who lives 100 miles away in Fort Collins came down for dinner but, unfortunately, Wayne couldn't make it this time.

The four dogs and two cats did quite well together, although, given a choice, my Maggie preferred to stay in the Roadtrek, under the table. Their little Maggie wasn't feeling too well. Sunday night they took her to an emergency animal hospital where they diagnosed early congestive heart failure. Hopefully the medication they gave her will be effective.

Juliet and Mollie check each other out...

...and decide to be friends. Juliet made herself right at home --- in the "other Maggie's" bed.

Betty retired last year and now has more time to spend on quilting, one of her many talents. (Although with volunteering for the American Cancer Society and the Colorado Springs Mineral and Mining Museum, I'm not sure she really has more time than when she was working!)

Dog cake in the grocery section of the Air Force Academy Commisary where Betty and I did some shopping on Sunday. (David is retired military so they can shop at the base Commisary which has prices much lower than regular grocery stores---and no tax). I didn't buy the dog.

We also went to Barnes & Noble Bookstore so Betty could get a book for her plane ride --- to San Diego --- on Tuesday. I thought I might get another book on tape to listen to while I drive, but I was informed that is ancient history at their store --- all modern cars have CD players, not cassette players. My Roadtrek, like me, is "ancient," I guess.

I left Colorado Springs today (Monday) and continued on my way.

I enjoyed the scenery as I drove today. This was a pretty rock outcropping somewhere between Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Laramie, Wyoming.

I played tag with the rain clouds all day.
I won.

I am spending the night at a nice KOA in Laramie, Wyoming.

...AND, I'm finally caught up on my blog!!!

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