Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 29

After sleeping 15 hours (!), I got up, had breakfast, and was off for the 3-hour drive to Folsom, CA (near Sacramento), where my beautiful, intelligent niece Traci lives. She is a neuro-psychologist at the VA hospital there, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury. My timing was good and I drove into the parking lot just as she was getting home from work.

This somewhat blurry picture is of Traci showing me her new apartment. I took three pictures of Traci and, unfortunately, all three are blurry. Sorry, Traci. (maybe my camera suddenly has traumatic brain injury?)

When Traci told me there was a Spaghetti Factory nearby, that's where I decided I wanted to go for dinner. This one is a train motif and we actually ate in the railroad car pictured here. We both had our favorite spaghetti topping: browned butter and mizithra cheese --- Yummy!

That's not Maggie or Juliet that a just-showered-and-ready-for-bed Traci is getting settled in the chair --- it's her stuffed duck that gets kicked off her bed at night. After Traci, who has to get up early for work tomorrow, went to bed, the duck, dogs, and I worked in her living room on the computer until we, too, gave it up and went out to the Roadtrek to sleep.

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