Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday, Sept.24

Today at the Library, I worked on Dave's father's side of the family, which I think we had the least amount of information on before coming here. Unfortunately, we still have the least amount on it as I again didn't find out too much new stuff. Actually, I made copies of lots of documents (today and the other days) and maybe when I get home and have a chance to review and digest it all, I will find some little tidbits of new info.

Today, after working in the library, we all walked a couple blocks to a restaurant called "JB's" and had dinner there together. Afterwards, we walked back to Temple Square and joined a long line of people outside the Tabernacle waiting to go in and hear the 8:00 pm rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

On this night, the entire symphony was practicing along with them (not sure they always do). I guess they were practicing what they were going broadcast this coming Sunday morning. All rehearsals, performances, and broadcasts are free and open to the public. It was quite something to see --- and hear.

[I will try to post a short video of this rehearsal so you can get an idea of what it sounded like --- much better in person inside the Tabernacle, of course. ]

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