Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, Sept. 25

This is my campsite at the KOA in Salt Lake City. Not too exciting, except that it was in the shade--- something the dogs really appreciated, especially when they were being left in the Roadtrek for up to 11 hours (yesterday) at a time! I was a little ways away from the others because I didn't want to move from the space I had gotten for the 5 days prior to the rally.

Today (our last day) in the Library, I worked on the Bordewichs (Dave's mother's side of the family). I did find a few new things, straightened out a bit of the lineage, and confirmed that Henry Bordewich, Dave's great-grandfather, was the consul general from the United States to Norway, as well as several other civil positions. He also served in the Civil War but I didn't have time to look at the extensive Civil War records. Maybe next time....

For our last night at the Rally, we had a potluck dinner. It's kind of nice to have such a small rally for a change where you can really get to know everybody.

For dessert we had a surprise birthday cake for Ed. Ice cream, too!

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