Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, Oct. 4 - MEET MY FAMILY!

The day after I got back from my trip (and, in fact, one of the reasons I came back when I did), was my grandson Philip's third birthday. His parents, Granit and Eric, had planned a wonderful pirate theme party at a local park to which Philip had invited the 20 or so kids in his pre-school class and their parents and siblings. Since all the members of my family were there, I want to share some of the pictures I took to introduce you to my immediate family. (I think that's only fair since I've shared pictures of all my other relatives as I visited them this summer.)

This party was well-planned and, despite the wind and cold weather, everyone had a great time. This picture shows my daughter
Kelly, a pirate at heart, applying pirate stickers and makeup and a pirate scarf and/or eye-patch to the kids who wanted to look like a pirate when they arrived.

Here's the birthday boy! Philip, why do you look so worried? Three isn't exactly over-the-hill, you know! Oh, I see --- the juice box is empty!

These are my two youngest grandsons. On the left is Ryan, 11-month-old son of Eric and Granit (making him Philip's little brother). On the right is 9-month-old Amit, the son of our other son, Paul and his wife Pazit. (For those of you who may not know my family, our two sons married sisters, making their kids "double cousins." These two little guys almost seem like twins though.

...and this is piratey Ryan (left) and piratey Amit (right) after Aunt Kelly got 'em thar piratey scarves on! Aren't they adorable?

This is the pirate ship that Eric's wife Granit made (maybe with some help from her Dad). The kids had a great time running in and out of it. They also made up their own game of let's- rock-the-boat-and-see-if-we-can-destroy-it, which, thanks to Granit's good boat-building skills, they were not able to do!

On the left here is my daughter Kelly who has lent her pirate hat to her father. On the other side of Dave is our son Paul.

This is a picture of Dave, our son Eric, and his son, Philip. Somehow I managed not to have a really good picture of the birthday boy or his father taken at the party (at least, not one showing Philip's beautiful hair). So I am using this one, taken on Father's Day, to show you these handsome members of my family.

One of the pirate-themed games Philip's Mommy Granit set up for the little pirates involved having them "walk the plank" while parents "attacked" them with light-weight cannon balls and helped the alligators nip at their legs. The kids thought this was a great game and kept repeating their walks over and over. Then some insisted on being the alligators --- got a little wild after that...

Proud daddy Paul holding his son Amit!

Proud Grandpa Dave gets his turn holding Amit.

And with this picture of me holding Amit, I will end the official portion of my day-to-day adventures of this. summer. I thank you all for following along on my trip. Please know that I am safely home now, enjoying my husband, children, and grandchildren. You can always reach me at Happy travels to you all ---whether they be real or vicarious!

I will be making one more "follow-up" post, hopefully tonight, to fill you in on a few things that have happened since my return.

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