Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26

Linda lives in a neat house on 3 acres of land which she has fenced off in several different ways to accommodate her 14 dogs (plus one more she was babysitting).  Most of them were in crates in various rooms of her house and when she started opening all the crate doors, it looked like something out of 101 Dalmations, except that hers are King Charles Cavaliers which she raises, breeds, and shows.  When they were all outside in one area I let Maggie and Juliet out with their muzzles on.  They greeted each other through the chain link fence at first, then we let them all be together in the large yard.  Maggie was acting fairly friendly and I took her muzzle off after a little while.  Juliet's I left on because she sometimes would nip at one or another of the Cavaliers if they came too close.  It was a riot to see so many dogs all playing, rolling in the grass, trying to get onto Linda's or my lap or trying to sniff out the two newcomers (mine).  When playtime was over, Linda reversed the process, letting them into the house and getting them all into their proper crates.  It was even funnier to watch than letting them out was! (maybe I'll try adding the video to one of these posts).  Overall, I was very pleased with Maggie and Juliet's behavior and maybe this experience will make them more sociable with other dogs now.
I left Linda's at 5:00 pm and headed for Nikki Seeler's house in Camdenton, MO, about 100 miles away.  Nikki (one of my Roadtrek Solo friends) lives on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks in a beautiful condo overlooking the lake.  Once again I managed to get lost finding her place (although I did get to Camdenton without any problems).  She kept telling me to look for the Roadtrek in the driveway.  So I drove around the lake (well, not ALL the way around---it just SEEMED like it) until I finally saw the Roadtrek and pulled in next to it.  I called Nikki back on the phone and told her I had found it, although the address didn't match the one I had for her.  She kept insisting that she was standing in her driveway and I was definitely NOT there.  Now who would have expected there would be TWO Roadtrek 190 Populars living on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks!?!  I did eventually find HER Roadtrek and the right address.  We  had a nice cold drink on her enclosed deck which overlooks the lake---very beautiful.  A little later we had some dinner and  talked.  We had to break it off around 11:00 because Nikki had to get a good night's sleep before a medical procedure the next morning.  But it was really great to see her again (it's been a few years since we camped together).  

Nikki's picture is  at the TOP of this post --- can't seem to move it down here.  But at least I now can do a post along with pictures of the same day!

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  1. Hi, Sue -- What an adventure you are on! They say that getting lost is half the fun, but it doesn't seem so for you....Loved the pics at Linda's place. She'll be out in August, she says, so I'll see her then. I'll be following your blog. Take care!